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The Number One Blues Brothers Show In the World

Chris Hindle – Joliet Jake Blues

Chris Hindle is the driving force behind the Chicago Blues Brothers, not only does he play Jake in the show he also is responsible for the production of the show. From stage set to art work, social Media to arrangements – Chris is right their at the heart of everything.

Chris has been singing from an early age when he sang in Bradford cathedral choir he also trained at the dacosta academy in York studying the art of Italian Opera. A natural tenor and performer he was able to hit those high notes with ease but his musical passion laid elsewhere. He has sang with Various bands including The Sensations, Connect and Detroit Blue, Chris even performed as an Elvis Tribute artist touring nationally and headlining the international festival of Love in 2003.

Chris has performed all over the world from Europe and Asia to the USA, the highlight of his career was in 2009 when he joined Matt Goss on stage at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Chris was invited back to sing with Matt at Caesars palace Las Vegas in 2011. Robin Antin, Creator of the pussycat dolls and Matt’s manager said Chris “was awesome and totally rocked the room”.
Chris and Gareth ( Elwood ) have been best friends for over 16 years and this shines through on stage. They are both professional wind up artists and enjoy playing tricks on everyone in the band and members of the public. Their off stage friendship is one of the magical aspects that makes the Chicago Blues Brothers such a fun and unique show.

Chris has a powerful gritty soul voice that is a powerhouse on stage , he also loves performing and is a natural born entertainer who doesn't let a paying audience get in the way of him having fun – Luckily the same applies to Gareth.