Gareth Davey – Elwood Blues

Award winning vocalist Gareth ‘Elwood’ Davey has been a well established solo artist for several years touring throughout the UK. His decision to leave his solo career behind him and join the CBB is a reward that you will share in. He amazes audiences with his natural vocal ability. From deep bluesy bass vocals to sweet soulful falsetto, Gareth has a vocal range that very few pro singers can compare to.
A born entertainer, Gareth was chosen for his dynamic stage presence, energetic dance routines and great ability to work the crowd making him a true star performer.

Gareth has always had a love for blues music and started playing the harmonica at just age 14. You will take great delight in hearing his performance in songs such as ‘Everybody’ and ‘Hey Bartender.
All the above combined with the fantastic ‘CBB’ band and you are in for a night to remember.

Gareth will be out in the audience with the Elwood Cam and is responsible for the production of the CBB live videos – including the Drone footage.